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High school formal writing themes starting with…

Posted by vip on Saturday, 22-September-2007

I will be presenting the following play in the school auditorium this month and you can show your support by sending in your contributions, which I can assure you is money well spent. Meaning the money will all be spent.

My first hand experience with sex…

Just to enroll me here, my parents had to forego…

Do I know how to make a takyan, a top, a kite…

Freud help me here, but are my strongest fantasies of sex, or of fame or power…

School has just started but Christmas is only 6 months away…

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Posted by vip on Tuesday, 11-September-2007

Congratulations to the new-again nurses who had to retake the board examinations. They were made to retake the exams, purportedly to regain the reputation of Philippine nurses which had admittedly been hurt by the cheating scandal. But while the new nurses may now appear to really have “earned” their new credentials, buttressing the reputation of Philippine nurses and the integrity of their licensing examinations will take no less than the overhaul of the entire PRC section for the nursing board.
All of them should be kicked out, and their nursing licenses revoked, and they should have been the ones ordered to retake the examinations to get back their licenses. If not bar them for the rest of their lives. The leakage and cheating originated from their end, and so the scandal involved them more than it did the thousands of board takers. The fault was called on the wrong court.

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comic moments

Posted by vip on Tuesday, 4-September-2007

This is to file away really intolerable comic moments.


If there’s a will, there’s a wealth. I’m willy-nilly.

The early bird misses the late worm.
Oh no, there is always a late bird, too.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, but nowhere else.

Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the earth,
From the rich.

Tired of apathy?

I want to sing or make a speech or harangue my audience while on an airplane flight. Nobody can walk out.

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Posted by vip on Tuesday, 4-September-2007

I suppose when it dawns on me I had a past life, I’d first like to find out what I had looked like. Damn if we’re not supposed to know but the internet would have changed all that.

And the families with claim on my blood–do their blood go on to our next lives?


Aleonar – (Bohol via Carcar, Cebu)
de Veyra – (Tanauan, Leyte)
Tegley – (Barili, Cebu; now spelt Tigley)
Rodecindo – (Cebu City)

Alegado – (Carcar)
Alo – (Cebu City)
Barceló – (Carcar)
Benedicto – (Leyte)
Campugan – (Carcar)
Dandan – (Barili)
Estrada – (Barili)
Lauzón – (Leyte)
Mercado – (Barili)
Ricaplaza – (Barili)
Tamaca – (Leyte)
Vergara – (Barili)
Villahermosa – (Barili)


Yap – (China via Cebu City)
Tapia – (San Nicolas, Cebu City via San Fernando, Cebu)
Castillo – (Bohol)
Gerasta – (Boljoon, Cebu via San Fernando, Cebu)

Alía – (Tagbilaran, Bohol via San Fernando)
Florido – (Cebu City)
Geniblango – (Talisay, Cebu)
Duterte – (Spain via Cebu City)
Salamoren – (Boljoon)
Sacel – (Dauis, Bohol via San Fernando; now spelt Sasil)
Suárez – (Cebu City)

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