Things I’d like to read in my next life

Want to know some things about me?–so will I.

About me

i have lacked sleep for 38 years. my tomb, if they ever decide to bury me, will resonate with my snoring. many will not like where this is leading us, but they have never lacked sleep. many snore even as they have never lacked sleep. i’m writing this way to rock myself to sleep…

3 Responses to “About me”

  1. Arnaldo said

    I would like to visit Carcar, I’m currently here in Cebu City and would like to know from you, what are the best places in town to visit?

    • vip said

      Gosh, just got back to CC last night, and I was in Carcar and out of internet since Thursday. And I came back because a friend died in Bantayan doing a shoot and his body was brought back here late afternoon. Did you make it to Carcar? I’m so sorry I missed your message here.

  2. Arnaldo said

    Estimados Sr. Leonar,

    Sorry to hear that you lost a dear friend. My visit is still on the drawing board and I’m not in a rush to make these excursions because I have work here in Cebu that would last until the end of the year, in short, plenty of time.

    I’ll visit Carcar [and hopefully sample its sinfull chicharon!] and Oslob, whose Iglesia has been ravaged by fire this yr I was told, by next month, if you would be kind enough to guide me in Carcar please let me know, since both of us are history nerds – I’m sure that we have lots to talk about, the diner [or lunch] if it can be bought there is on me!

    Send me a response via email Sr.!

    un abrazo


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