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Posted by vip on Tuesday, 4-September-2007

I suppose when it dawns on me I had a past life, I’d first like to find out what I had looked like. Damn if we’re not supposed to know but the internet would have changed all that.

And the families with claim on my blood–do their blood go on to our next lives?


Aleonar – (Bohol via Carcar, Cebu)
de Veyra – (Tanauan, Leyte)
Tegley – (Barili, Cebu; now spelt Tigley)
Rodecindo – (Cebu City)

Alegado – (Carcar)
Alo – (Cebu City)
Barceló – (Carcar)
Benedicto – (Leyte)
Campugan – (Carcar)
Dandan – (Barili)
Estrada – (Barili)
Lauzón – (Leyte)
Mercado – (Barili)
Ricaplaza – (Barili)
Tamaca – (Leyte)
Vergara – (Barili)
Villahermosa – (Barili)


Yap – (China via Cebu City)
Tapia – (San Nicolas, Cebu City via San Fernando, Cebu)
Castillo – (Bohol)
Gerasta – (Boljoon, Cebu via San Fernando, Cebu)

Alía – (Tagbilaran, Bohol via San Fernando)
Florido – (Cebu City)
Geniblango – (Talisay, Cebu)
Duterte – (Spain via Cebu City)
Salamoren – (Boljoon)
Sacel – (Dauis, Bohol via San Fernando; now spelt Sasil)
Suárez – (Cebu City)

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